Halacha of shaving on chol hamoed and exceptions dating

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Girls should not be encouraged to light and light candles either 18 minutes before sunset or have a flame burning from before sunset and light candles from that flame once the festival has begun (but she may not light from a new flame or a match).

If you will be eating away from home, do not light the candles at home unless you will be home for some period of time after dark (in which case you must see the candles burning for at least one minute after dark/If the device catches on fire, you may call the fire department or unplug it.

If you do not understand the Aramaic, you should also read the translation in English (or whatever your own language is)..

If the oven is not self-cleaning, you must remove (clean off or burn off) any deposits on the walls, racks, and window.

We do not wash, anoint our bodies, eat or drink, have intimate relations, or wear leather shoes.

Weaker oven cleaners that do not remove deposits may not be relied on. Acknowledging God's Miracles We acknowledge God's miracles in sending the plagues against the Egyptians and their gods and in taking the Children of Israel out of slavery and Egypt.

When many Jews were feeling wealthy due to their produce, we were commanded to live in temporary shelters--in part, to ward off feelings of arrogance or pride in what we had accomplished in the material world.

Instead of thinking or feeling that our hard work or great wisdom has made us wealthy, we are reminded that whatever we have comes from God, and that God will take care of us, even in a flimsy “house.” The , you may brace the walls with rope, boards, against tree or house... You may not brace or attach supports to the walls on the festival but you may directly ask a non-Jew to do that work for you. So, you may drop it into a field or put it on a lawn--unless animals might eat it or step on it or if it will be subject to poor treatment before it decays.

We can undergo a similar process of spiritual development each year during these 49 days (how to do that is beyond the scope of this website).

According to our tradition, the Israelites in Egypt had sunk to the 49 commemorates the miracle of God's saving the Jews during the time of the Greek empire.

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