How to be positive when dating

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’ Instead of letting self-talk like this get on top of you, stop it in its tracks.Stop panicking that you’ll never find ‘the one’, and focus on what you want to achieve – so, this date didn’t go well, it’s not the end of the world and there really are plenty more fish in the sea.Be in the moment; feel the drink in your hands; become aware of how you’re sitting and what your body language is telling the other person; notice the other person’s expressions and note their tone of voice.Speak less, listen more It’s no secret that all the best dates are with people who are happy to share and listen, not just do one of the two.

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You’ll end up feeling even more stressed out as you’ll constantly be trying to fill the silences.Whether you’re new to the dating world, or consider yourself a seasoned professional, daily gratitude raises your vibration and allows love to flow both to and from you.Be grateful for the people you dated who didn’t work out, and the lessons they gave you.You can feel your mind swirling with stress, a headache sets in, and once again, you end the night knowing that you haven’t found the one.The problem with this is that once you start to feel stressed out, your whole mindset changes.

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