How to work with validating couples

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Conflict-avoiding couples tend to be acutely aware of where areas of independent functioning overlap into areas where cooperation and negotiation are required.

Volatile Couples are entertained and energized by a good debate.Angry women typically are uncomfortable with naked aggression and tend to prefer to go silent and dark.Gottman’s research describes these couples as the most dysfunctional, and the most divorce-prone of all of the 5 styles.Gottman’s research reports that despite their perpetual conflict, Hostile Couples tend to remain together in an unhappy union. They squabble as a way to carve out space for themselves. They fight in front the of the kids and are married more to their misery than to each other. Hostile-Detached Couples Hostile-Detached Couples engage in trench warfare, bitterly escalating the level of negativity.Hostile-detached wives are typically inconsolable, as all aspects of trust have been eroded.

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