Htc evo friend stream not updating

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Want to send contact information -- yours or someone else's -- in a text message? The widget and search bar will now search "all," "web" or "apps." Isn't that kind of cheating?

And, of course, the full version of Adobe Flash 10.1.

In order to stream MP3 streams you need to be connected to WIFI. (tip sent by Keith)Contact Sprint they will be able to send the phone a prl update which removes the proxy server changes made by previous OTA. Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:***DISCLAIMER! I'm unsure what the difference is but the shoutcast stations I use almost work in Winamp. That means it'll sound good at first but deteriorates very quickly.

Make sure to call from a different phone so the update gets sent properly. Go to phone dial and type ##3282# "there is no need to push call button after. "You can get the password by calling Sprint and asking for MSL code, or password for ##3282#, they should give it to you."4. Be very careful not changing anything else than what is suggested here. It seems to show that the network may not be the issue but something on the back end of the program or the fact that it cannot buffer. I don't like keeping music on my device since I'm just lazy so having my streams back would be wonderful. Specifically, if there is a difference in streaming audio via direct HTML links. Streaming wasn't supported by Android's APIs until Android 2.2 I believe.

Not sure if the info really matters, but just hoping having more diagnostics helps someone.

You still need your MSL etc the new Advanced menu settings you have to first go to RTSP/HTTP settings, then they are now called HTTP proxy IP and HTTP proxy port, and they are reversed in order from the screen shot. FYI, all the other shoutcast apps looking for internet streams all have the same or similar issues, such as Winamp. We don't use the Media Player directly first because there is no control over the metadata and second cause we can't tell with detail what is happening to the stream as you listen.

I think the ball is in HTC's court now unless the Xiia Live devs can find a workaround. Edit: I just re-read the Android media player comment from the Xiia Live devs and I don't think that was the problem as Xiia Live doesn't use that player. MP3: High bit rate channels are unable to connect, low bit rate channels have a repetitive gurgle in the audio. I STRONGLY warn folks about screwing around with that password protected ##data# menu there is a reason its password protected...

It seems like the 'throttle effect' which this bug displays is stuck in the configuration until the bluetooth and wifi are turned off, then back on. I followed those instructions 10th hours ago and lost features.

You'll be able to share free apps in Froyo on the Evo 4G. If you're signed into Facebook, all of your friends' birthdays will appear in your Evo 4G's calendar. You have three levels of intensity, a blinking "auto-flash," and even SOS mode, where it blinks it out in Morse Code. They're just basic buttons, but they're nice additions.

The FM radio's had a bit of a UI tweak, and there are a couple of widgets you can use on a home screen. You can now user a basic PIN or alpha-numeric password to unlock your phone, in addition to the pattern unlock.

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