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a memorandum which, at Mr Lansing's suggestion.Dr Hitter, the Swissinin Uter, had prepared, setting down In writing the auggeslloa originallytransmitted o ally.„ the president as set forth In his ad"No national emefgency * has ever! In the dcul he se-cured something Ilk© 890 head of baldface cattle. Houston will b© one of the rsnvrstlon centers of llie United Htutcs dur-ing the next twelve months, with a listof eleven conventions already scheiluled. The birds of psi Hdl H© and th©©ert t plumes ar© said to be worth morethan JMt.l KM).dress delivered before the Joint sesof submarlne warfare which H Is nowofound the Ited Gross better prepared sion oi congress as stated above."pursuing unless and until the-German than It Is toddy.” r -*----Has Self-Guiding Torpado.•1 to lb*loves l Lstudent Ixntvwest- pri *eni•©«• urgng *trurally affalis.* Lieutenant lionwi*»-d a letter tnrftat. closely rivaling Its record of 191\when it entertained seventeen conventlons, and several more are expectedbefore the end of th© year.♦ ' The Jim Wells Hog Breeders’ Asso* lution at Its annual meeting In Alice elected the following officers for(he ensuing year: G W Savage, preablent; K. It Is probiibl© that theywill be given to lh©| Smithsonian lief Ututn al Washingtont ♦Active stepa toward the establishll- ot of a • *®*ry(arm th* laad baa been pl#wod deep|p, and la many lastanssa ha* borefvrtlllrvil (otloa will h* raised, but,-orn.Tex -The serial* finallypaaacd Monday, by a vote of IS totlie Metcalfe Mil passed last week bthe house, providing for the establish jmint of an Agricultural and Mecbani•ml College of equal rank with thepreacnt institution at Hryan.in thaportion of Western Texas lying west Iof the 9Slh meridian and north of the ISLh parallel There was strenuousopposition to The Treasure Irtmi the members who voted against Ittman, Deckerd, Harley.

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F Ritter.’"This memorandum was given Im-mediate consideration and th*- follow NATIONAL RED CROSSCOULD CARE FOR MILLIONHeadquarters Officials Claim That Few Days Hospital Fores Could Handle Army of Million.*0-"1* * -resolution ul»i..)C^ndabalf acres will produce one humted by Chairman Stone of the foreign dred bushels of corn.e Tg Til Ions ofrelations committee Indorsing thewithdrawal of American Ambassador Gerard from Berlin and the giving to German Ambassador von Uernatorffhis purports.For atleast another year the United Slatesshould prepare to feed Its own popu-lation, sending the surplus abroad.Five tiered for u home-grown livingwill yield a satisfactory profit peryear, even at average prices Three Republicans—Gronna, North Pako-ehapters , H; Works, California, and La Fol Iett S,throughout the country to place them " I neon i In.selves on a footing for field work, a 'ote of 78 to 5 ,he exmany encouraging reports have been confidence In the presidentsret ut ^~to headquarters; lo gr UEr F?

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