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She shared day by day schedules and wellness tips on the Bravo arrange which publicized the main scene of Work Out.

Warner likewise showed up on a scene of The Real Housewives of Orange County. In the mid-year of 2010, she showed up in limited time advertisements for the Bravo organize.

She dated the delightful American entertainer and model Rebecca Cardon for over a year.After her reality TV series, “Work Out,” ended on Bravo in 2010, she sold her Beverly Hills gym.On her website, Warner revealed that after she turned 40, she “fell into [a] crisis.”“I didn’t like doing the type of TV that I was doing, which made me uncomfortable and uneasy,” wrote Warner.My last TV show didn’t do well and the shooting conditions were so bad that I vowed never to do television again unless it was a fully positive experience."Warner also added that she “quit drinking for a year and I quit dating for a year,” as well as relied on prayer to help her find a new purpose in life.Warner insisted that after hitting the gym more, she was “mentally and physically stronger than I have ever been in my life.”Warner’s arraignment is scheduled for Apr.

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