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It may be achieved through general anesthesia or monitored anesthesia care.

• General anesthesia Under general anesthesia, the patient is unaware and does not feel pain.

It also depends on their age and developmental level, how much discomfort is expected and the advice of your physician who ordered the test.

For instance, moderate sedation can often be used with modern CT scanners that work very quickly.

General anesthesia can be achieved with a variety of drugs and methods.

The most common method to deliver general anesthesia is through breathing gas after an intravenous (IV) injection.

It reduces the patient's ability to breathe without assistance and often requires the use of a breathing machine.

To deliver general anesthesia and maximize patient safety, a breathing tube or another airway device may be needed.

Many facilities offer child-friendly imaging suites decorated with murals and lighting that can help entertain and calm pediatric patients.Often this can only be determined after the child is evaluated in person by the anesthesiologist.• Deep sedation/monitored anesthesia care Sedatives are drugs that reduce a patient's ability to feel and/or remember pain.Sedation may also cause memory loss so that the patient may not remember what is going on.Pediatric sedation helps relieve anxiety and to control pain and excessive movement.

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