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Now here’s the big question that I’m seeing a lot: “What about Maks???

” Let me first say this: I have good reason to believe that Maks was originally supposed to be part of this season.

” I’m guessing Edyta wasn’t expecting them to call her bluff, and she also doesn’t strike me as the type who will swallow their pride easily, so of course, she had to follow through on her promise, and out she went.

Besides the obvious problem of being short 1 female pro, Edyta’s sudden exit had some shock waves that resonated through the cast that season.

They need to create a lineup that is both new and exciting to viewers, yet still follows a bit of a “something for everyone” formula: they need a bad boy, a boy next door, a sexy foreign minx, a wholesome girl-next-door type, a rebel, etc.

They need a cast that is going to pull in viewers and keep ratings strong after a lackluster all-star season.

Enter Lindsay & Sharna – one was basically Chelsie 2.0, a blonde Mormon fresh off of a stint on SYTYCD; the other was basically a Lacey 2.0 – since TPTB seem to have phased out their former “rebel child”, perhaps they thought it time to reintroduce some of that rebel energy to the ballroom.

I doubt their exit was anything personal – it was just the price of doing business.

Can’t go into detail, but let’s just say he was originally on the roster – TPTB wanted him back, and Maks was planning on coming back…of about a week ago.

I’m guessing that SOMETHING went down between then and now…and it was something that was a deal-breaker for Maks, TPTB, or both. It was Edytapocalype, redux – either Maks disliked the partner he was given, or demanded more money, or made some other sort of ultimatum, and the consequence of TPTB failing to comply would be his exit…either for good, or just for this season.

However, I don’t know that Maks was necessarily prepared for TPTB to call his bluff – and if they did it with Edyta, I’m guessing they did it with Maks, too…because they, like us, know that this show is bigger than any 1 pro.

They’ve done seasons without Derek, seasons without Maks, seasons without Kym, seasons without Lacey, Chelsie, Anna, Karina, Tristan, Peta, etc. I have to wonder if Maks, upon hearing “K, sit this one out then, byyyyeeee! And if he had Lizzie whispering in his ear, I’m guessing that, as TMZ was reporting he had “quit”, he and Lounge Lizard Grubman were already trying to come up with a strategy to get Maks back in the game…but they needed to buy some time, and they probably needed to do it in such a way that they made Maks come out smelling like roses (that’s what PR folks are for, right?

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