Jewish baby boomers dating ste

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At the beginning of Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie,” retired CEO Grace Hanson thinks she has her life all figured out.

She’s looking forward to her husband retiring from his law firm so they can spend time reconnecting and traveling.

Many real-life seniors can relate to her frustrations and insecurities in the dating world.

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If a new boyfriend or girlfriend is now in the picture, says Kaiser, it's important for the child to spend time with that person, "to develop their own relationship." She recommends activities that both can enjoy, such as attending a sporting event together.

"There's creepy people out there," says April, a medical coder from Lena, Illinois.

"Online, they are complete strangers, and they can lie to you about anything and everything." Plus, she points out, her mother "hadn't dated in years and years and years." Susan eventually quit online dating -- after too many miscues with men who, indeed, were not who they portrayed themselves to be -- and joined a singles club.

They're concerned their parents are out of the loop of dating and going to pick someone who is going to treat them badly," says Stacy Kaiser, a Southern California psychotherapist who works with the women on "Diet Tribe," Lifetimes' reality show about five female friends who try to lose weight and get fit.

Kaiser is also a former consultant for the Jewish dating site

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