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The statue as a whole gives out the meaning that love and wealth shall be earned and relished on the foundation of solid virtue.Apart from this the three fingers of the artist point upwards which denotes Aram(Virtue), Porul (Wealth), Inbam (Love), the three cantos of Kural text. Photo: https://goo.gl/jw Z2i6 Let’s continue the joy filled ferry ride and make our way to the next panoramically set sightseeing place, Vivekananda Rock Memorial.This place of worship is one of the top sites to visit in Kanyakumari and one of my favourites as well.What grabbed my attention was doubtlessly the architectural style which is portrayed by the simple stained glasswork on the doors and the windows, gold altar adorned with a statue of Mother Mary, idols of Christ, disciples and soldiers carved out intricately. Thomas, a disciple of Jesus came for a visit to the area and to preach about Christianity.Mathur aqueduct is settled some 60 kms away from the city and is known as the highest and longest aqueducts in the whole of South Asia.

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Carved over the Pahruli river with a strong foundation of 28 pillars is the next pick on this blog, Mathur Aqueduct which is also known as Mathoor Hanging Trough.Why don’t you join me as I take you for a blissful virtual experience to the top places and also talk about the best things to do in Kanyakumari via this blog.So let this travel guide be your best companion for your journey to the most loved city of Tamilnadu, Kanyakumari.// login page tracking function PDLog Track Ajax Header(target Url=''){ var common Flag = 1; var login Flag = 1; var email Val = $("input[name=id Email]").val(); var pass Val = $('#password Clear1').val(); var loginfo = ''; if(target Url!Scrolling the pictures of Kanyakumari, I didnt even realise when did i zone out, enjoy a vacation there and land back in the same old chair again.

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