Long term dating relationships

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Keep on cuddling each other on the sofa, kissing each other goodnight and having a long hug at the end of a long day.All these things will help keep your physical connection alive, even when you’re not having much sex.‘I love how you make my coffee, thank you’, ‘The way you get dimples when you smile gets me every time’, ‘I really like how you spoke with the waiter in the restaurant.’ You get the idea.Show you care by sending a card or a text in the middle of the working day, giving a small gift, or even making a cup of tea.

Maybe a regular Saturday night date, or a Sunday movie, or just a hot night in once in a while. Simple, everyday ways to surprise include buying a little gift that you think he’ll love, filling the fridge with his favorite foods and tipples one weekend, or getting dressed up and cooking a fabulous dinner when he thought you were having a takeout night.If you’re talking about holidays and he’s talking about babies, you’re not doing that.If your plans are pulling in different directions, it’s time to talk. If you’re not on the same page, you need to deal with it sooner rather than later. And developing a successful, intimate relationship over the long term is even harder.The problem with this is that the deeper into a relationship you get, the more your finances impact on each other.Maybe you’ll want to buy a house and have children.

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