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He leaves you asking one question after most of his press conferences. " Be it giving dating advice, using coffee as an insecticide, discussin pirate lore, giving a weather forecast or just going off on a tangent, Leach never says anything that typifies a football coach.

His players admit that they have trouble following his locker room antics, but that they just embrace it and go out and play.

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The seminar series, developed by Leach and former state Sen.

Leach is 3-4 against the Ducks to date, including three straight wins. Leach described Herbert as a "good quarterback" multiple times and was also high on his ability to lead Oregon's offense.

“They’ve been really hard-fought games all of them," he said of previous meeting with the Ducks. But when pressed on where he ranked among QBs he's faced in his time in the conference, he didn't offer a definitive answer.

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