My daughter is dating a looser

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As for this guy I think he's a smaller monster than you make him out to be. I thing for all intense and purposes she is a pretty well grounded young adult. I know so many guys like this, including two of my husband's brothers.

No man at 23 is a master of anything less manipulating women. However, when it comes to love herself and seeing her self worth.. They are living a nothing existant life, moving in with one girl till she wises up and throws them out, then on to the next.

I told her my door is open if she needs me and I love her and that this decision is the hardest one I have ever had to make. She left on good terms and has indicated she will be living on campus in the fall which is a blessing because she was apprehensive to do so before. sometimes, when you apply pressure people react badly.

I told her during the last breakup that if she was to return to him, she would have to move out. This is he first real relationship at least in her mind. I feel so guilty about asking her to move out (she went to stay with a friend) but I don't see any other way. Her father is an abusive alcoholic and is not really there for her. I am so sad that she doesn't see what a loser he is and how he is using her for money, sex and to stroke his weak ego. being older and experienced you can see the red flags, you can even see what's going to happen....."this guy is going to break my daugther's heart".

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lol she is an adult and have to make her own mistakes. This is a mother's nightmare, but in time, if you don't push the issue, she will eventually find out what a loser he is, and dump him.

Your daughter will come around, as long as everyone backs off, and lets her discover it for herself.

When we try to force the issue, they try all the harder to prove us wrong, and it's an embarrassment for them when they discover we are right, so we have to be kind, and not say I told you so (too much! It will work out..might have to go through some rough patches until it does, but they will be a good learning curve for her, and she will be more careful the next time.

When you can see it coming but nothing you say will change it, how does one get the wolf to leave???

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