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Sixty-nine year old Cheney has had four heart attacks since he was thirty-seven years old, and had a large number of hospital stays, angiograms, stents, and pacemakers installed in the interim.

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Walter said at a press conference: In addition to his run on Growing Pains, Andrew Koenig also appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, My Two Dads, G. Joe, and the movies Non Sense, In Alienable and The Theory of Everything.That would definitely put a crimp in his sitcoms taping.We are not sure how the production schedule will need to be altered, but when contracts are signed they are usually for a certain number of shows by a certain date.kendra wilkinson cryingkendra wilkinson superbowl situation could not get any worse…. TMZ is reporting that Sheen did not show up on the set of "Two And A Half Men" yesterday, and that when he showed up for work on Tuesday the production staff was told Sheen was entering rehab.This could just be a ploy to keep the courts on his side, as part of his probation is not to consume any alcohol or drugs.

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