Native american dating rituals

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The creation of this Rite can be attributed to numerous tribes throughout the nation, reports the Manataka American Indian Council.

Although no "bridal party" as it is known today is involved in traditional Native American weddings, this exchange involves guests.

As the bride and groom take their symbolic walk, guests join hands and form a circle around them and the fire.

Traditional Native American weddings can include one or more of several smaller ceremonies within the larger one: The Museum of Man reports that at Navajo weddings, brides may pour water on the groom's hands to represent their new union.

For example: Each tribe has different events and sayings that occur during the exchange of vows.

One of the processes of exchanging vows is referred to as the Rite of the Seven Steps.

The baskets symbolize the dowries traditionally required to be exchanged by the bride and groom's families. Tribes in the Southeast and Southwest may perform a wedding vase unity ceremony, in which they fill a vase with two holes on either side with water.

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Native American brides often wear red or other bright colors instead of white to their ceremony, and their dress may be passed down through generations, according to Native Net.

A couple that can drink simultaneously without spilling a drop is anticipated to have good understanding with them throughout their marriage.

First Nation Ministry notes that the Cherokee is one specific tribe who uses the vase ceremony.

Native Net notes that both the bride and groom wash their hands in order to remove old memories and past wrongdoings.

In this ceremony, according to the Manataka American Indian Council, the bride and groom exchange baskets filled with gifts.

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