Notre dame dating scene

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But while the event is a cultural tragedy, there are good reasons to believe that the cathedral can be restored to its former glory almost exactly as it once stood, thanks to extensive interior and exterior 3D scans performed only a few years prior to the fire.

Notre Dame cathedral was built over a century between 11.

Viollet-le-Duc also added other elements such as the gargoyles.

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Christ sits on his throne, the trumpet sounds, all are judged: peasants, knights, nobles, royals… An angel weighs cute little souls while cheating demons yank on the scales. These images reinforced the stories people learned in church. Rick: I’m rendezvousing with my Parisian friend and fellow tour guide, Arnaud Servignat.

Inspired by this miracle, Christianity flourished and the temple was replaced by a church.

Imagine the faith of the people who built this — breaking ground in 1163 on a building which wouldn’t be finished for 200 years.

After French officials announced plans to launch a national and international fundraiser, François-Henri Pinault, a French luxury magnate, said his family would donate 3 million, while Bernard Arnault, the richest man in Europe, pledged 6 million.

Combined with Tallon’s intricate digital reconstructions, these funds will help restore the architectural masterpiece to its original state — and likely very fast, too.

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