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Their ‘all or nothing’ approach would be OK, if their updates where reliable.Despite all of Microsoft’s bland assurances, Office and Windows updates are not as reliable as they should be, Buggy updates have become more common in recent years since Microsoft gutted their human workforce testing and monitoring updates.I have ticked "give me updates of other Microsoft components also".I see Windows update updating non-installed components (Access, One Drive, One note, Outlook, Power Point, publisher, Visio, Skype) also.The downside of delaying is the risk of Zero Day (0-day) attacks.

It takes even longer for Microsoft to either publicly admit to a fault or stop the update being released.

In these cases, it’s important to quickly update Office and Windows to prevent infection.

Microsoft uses these ‘zero day’ situations to justify their automatic update policy.

That’s partly poor internal communications and partly a corporate unwillingness to admit to a mistake (to themselves, let alone customers). The only choices are to download and install automatically or not update at all (File | Account | Update Options | Disable Updates).

There’s no middle ground such as downloading but waiting to install manually or listing updates and letting customers decide whether to proceed with those updates.

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