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in»-ii Vtclles' stories are gems Ulicn VVellcs did Dedipus Hc.\ on a j»m ae (Jreek n neai-ltic Aloanan bonier, die wii-de •Company wailed 10 days bir Welles hi show up As Vicki tells '"it. hell do his hoincvv..]k Wcrnci is ihe young fcibiw who wrote that musical .veiling b Uio musical copyright. first }»coplc Werner heard fpim were Ehnnann's heirs in Indiana ^ydney Harris Women Were Slaves Nci Uier tlic proponent'; nor the opponen U of wiiat wc lotiseiy call Wumen's fail" today reahzo trow far nux Jcrn wxxiten liavc cmiic 1 km far tlicy iiave had to come from. sji^ls *oul the lela- tiunship of Uie Vicluuan hus¬ band to ids wife: '•JIc u Wtied hv her jinifierty. Miil Cis flew liver tli-i Urdeli-»ci;ii(neil Siiiai Heniiwnlit luen the . at Hit I niver sily itf H 4 Bike Safety Stepped Up tjuly Hi Hilli Itarlmr Industry Pronlises^ Cleanup ol Debris IM Ni A-\' Till •'(Michaii i U-giohal batety i’ouiicij once jnoie u (loivuig into tiie front fuie, ill IIS omtinuoas fignt agaiiud act idents. having regard nnly to the clalmi uf wiiich it' then has notice.

{dlnnnc.s ‘ in ^far^la:.'i J Mii-I:b.'iiri by iw cr A ftei. Mt Hf Orid 'rrf HHt V\i- tr UO’-' Sold Wailate tcoivu the giciic.'i Intimpt: i? a ^jokes- inan tor CUIA, which bar¬ gains for 840 ixmtrac Utrs, wasn't as optimlstk.

If you BOAT itr^y hov OOAOCcau Al.woit^ prio Ao ony WBO««or«9 Cro Bit OWic* oo Oorroncft Diontj i 4 t tile i«in'A..i t.v. gimik-d down in an ,(ilem{*l liut lii K i Lac Ioia ixaw h.! One Victoila unkai spokes- fnan said later he felt "we ought see some mee Ungs ar¬ ranged as early ~ss nevt tkvek." At the same tinie.

or by physical force, or he-'n’iay Vonient himself with sch Ung (or his. press and ;arfra)iicn(ai-y repori K 6( ri al [N.’ri«Kl. one has only to lead ibis chapter lo recognize how*' far vsenico have com* sinr-e rhen and ikjw m ieh III .w -lt La- dale- 33 •ttt RMai M. Features shutter siieeds to 1 l Ui KI sec., metal square shut¬ ter, "hot shoe” flash synchronised, includes field dase and fitted gadget Img CAIRO (IJPlt—Piime Minister KAc Sidky of Kgyq Jl said 'Itiesday Rus¬ sia has supplied the H g y p 1 i a n s with long- range waiiilaiies capable of sliikiitg Israel’s heart¬ land and the bailie to le- gain "ereiy iraii'' of tx^ i-upled Aitib leililoiy is i Ki far olf’’ bidky Uki ms kleniiiy the of planes hill imtuations ueie (Imf lliey were MHll'i,. t'amcrai, Itown Uon i Maia floor), lougfcced, Bithnoad, florcoy, Vlclaiia, Pnaco (l Ourgo R. lie »-iid if Uiciv is a shut- vkivvn it will simply lie be- I'uuse^Uie cement companies will have run out of places to s Utie tin^ii su{iphc». N North t 't Miciian Mayor iievry Smith was elected as new prtaldeul ot the Aa Sti Cial KMi ol X atiiouver island Muii U ipai- itiea al the a Sss Muatimi s annu- ai meeting recently at Powell Hu el . 'iii« d«A:tar (v Xik bioud sam¬ ple* and the stuiuacii conieu U aiid simt Uoim to Vancouver thitsl'u- .tnli-Driif' Meajiure Ouly-Sey Informer Plan Disfavored NANAIMO A Tum-in-a- piifther piogiam" wouid he m- siiiuied to fight me dr..^pnib- leiii here only as a "drasii .** lueasuia Mayor i''(an K Ney «aid luesday i'lie piogruin under whn ii U4(Us intormanis are (Mhl a leward f Itie At¬ torney-i tenei ai s dr-pai tniei.t se Vclal Weeks ago Sllo Wed liieie were Jou Heioir. maintains that for every iieroin user lliere aie lb (M-r MSis using otner foniis ot illicit diugs. He added he had mentioned m liie legislbiure this siumg tiiai the system niigid iiave to i»e starteii, "iait oiiiy as a last lesoit " "I'nless soinelhing is done Si Miii we will become a natu/ii (d ixlus haters." l.e added.

she can take lier, iieitlin hnr children nor an tiling whic h is righfully her own "1/ he chooses, be can com-, pel her lo 'return by law. may be given to iter by her iciation* - - 4 4 4 Mlicn the Lung campaigu. widely attacked as a "vicious tn'inciplc" - tthal., would dis¬ solve tlie niurnagc bond. ^ a pixiposdl as iiuiatic "as per- petuai ipo Liun or ’Sloping the rcv Alulions of i Jie moon." Fniin perusing 4 1 **? sf HJofy would be turned upside dovyn if women w(‘tx' jx Tmilled a fenv legal and finanicial rights of Uieir own As I say. Comes with f:2.8 Meyer Optik lens and f:3: S 135mm automatic teiephotu lens. We invite you to Conte and discuss Praktica cameras willi hint. NOOU\'t K U P) - Mm- latci of] tlie churc-h e de Uta SET VOLK TAIII. ()VEN-T()-TABI, EWARE AT SPECIAL SAVINGS CEHASTONE High Fired Irunstt Mie A. Col.iijitill fcnit pallern willi yellow accc’s Miiies. Whea- Uui Uiok jssue Witji a ^ilaln^ by Vanoouver' Idand Building Trades C^mncil sern'etury Juim iichibli iliul the cement indus Uy inieiuis lu close dovvn in siqport of c Udd — to make sui^ all building by other cti Htractm’S is halieii. Maryann • Tlnnm' l„iih^nn'mhprs r*f ('/wii'h'an Indian tknid ..rerenily ti,ni|)l«ied haiiisl Lvajiiselling ronr M! Kdi^en'b aisier, Signe was aw arded Alirnsa I Huh pnze for lop marks ac-iiieved by ^mduaiiag female. injmies ..r sut.s oi va^- leuitt and ail (ugaiu of u.t body were direcmr of tiia C’erdial Van¬ couver Heaitik linil.

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