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The zoo learned a lot about new calf development and maternal care and shared this important information with other zoos, which began to see their own elephant calves from 1975 onward.The Oregon Zoo is a service of Metro and is dedicated to its mission of inspiring the community to create a better future for wildlife.The Oregon Zoo's string of successful elephant births — more than 25 since the early 1960s — has played a key role in establishing what is already known about elephant gestation.The zoo's most famous elephant, Packy, was born in 1962 — the first successful elephant birth in the Western Hemisphere in nearly 44 years.And this week the zoo launched a contest on its Facebook page: Whoever guesses closest to the actual date and time of birth gets to be first in line at the calf's public debut.Despite years of important scientific discoveries about elephants — many of them made right here in Portland — pinpointing a pregnant elephant's due date remains something of a mysterious art.JROB Wrestling Camps offers 3 different camp options: Intensive, Competition, and Technique.You can also combine a Competition Camp and a Technique Camp for a reduced "Combo Camp" price.

Velonis and a team of trained observers are collecting data for 30 minutes at a time, four times a day, seven days a week, based on an ethogram — a checklist of specific behaviors.

Elephant keepers have observed all of these behaviors through the years, but until now they've just been part of the anecdotal record.

Lewis initiated the current study in 2008 when Rose-Tu was pregnant with Samudra.

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Detailed descriptions of each type of camp can be found by visiting the pages for Intensive Camps, Competition Camps, and Technique Camps.

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