Paper consolidating aviation legislation

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The book employs a broadly contextualized and innovative approach to complete a topical picture of international aviation law in an interesting and practical manner as rightly suggested by the title.' Pablo Mendes de Leon - Universiteit Leiden 'This is a long-needed contemporary overview of the dynamic and distinctive world of international aviation law.

It is comprehensive in its subject coverage, sophisticated in its analysis and use of interdisciplinary concepts, and puts the past, present and speculations about the future in context.

The Report was laid before Parliament and published on 19 …

The Whole Act you have selected contains over 200 provisions and might take some time to download.

The aim is to make the statute law clearer, shorter and more accessible.

It gives effect to a Report made by the Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission making recommendations for changes to the law being consolidated.Anyone interested in the subject should want a copy.' Michael E. A., Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, Inc., KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Inc., & Société Air France, Joint Application for Approval of and Antitrust Immunity for Alliance Agreements Under 49 U. Levine - Distinguished Research Scholar and Senior Lecturer, New York University School of Law 'This is an outstanding contribution to understanding the philosophy and key principles of the regulatory framework of international aviation. The main purpose of a consolidation project is to draw together different enactments on a topic into a single Act.The Act usually replaces provisions in different Acts (and often statutory instruments) passed over a period of years.

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