Paul reed smith serial number dating

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I noticed that listing only goes up through 2006, so here's some additional information that will help to ID the year going forward: Some time during 2008 PRS started using a "08" instead of an "8" on the serial numbers.

For example, I just got in my first PRS in about 4 years - a KL1812.

I feel like this has to be incorrect because when i search all the east indian rosewood neck prs' they all have stamped serials, i am assuming since it is unfinished and could rub off without the protective layer.

Anyone else with any ideas or an east indian rosewood neck that can see if their serial is stamped or handwritten.

I had never been pitched so strongly about any other guitar up until that time and to this day.

later that day I called Paul I spoke to him for a few moments.

In this case these 2 guys were incessantly driving me up the wall.

They were so enthusiastic that I simply could not ignore them.

As a large retailer, I am frequently approached by many small luthiers.

Determine whether the serial number is handwritten or is a graphic reproduction.

A handwritten serial number indicates that the guitar was made in the United States.

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