Pepsi expiration dating

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Some expiration dates are easy to read, while others appear as complex codes that need to be deciphered and can easily be misinterpreted.

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Pepsi Bottles: Sell-By Date Pepsi brand bottles are stamped (typically on the cap) with a sell-by date in MMMDDYY format, and stamped (typically on the neck) with a sell-by date in MMM DD YY format.The only exception is Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, this BIB uses the Encore connector and Encore Tap valve. There is also a 3rd valve out there, however, this bag is rare to find. As a soda drinker myself, I go through a 1 gallon box (with only me drinking it) every 4-5 weeks. This time will be shorter if you have a whole family drinking it.Again please use our Please note that with sugar based syrups there is no need to worry about expiration dates. You are always welcome to contact our Customer Service Department with questions.If we deliver outdated product in error, our policy is to take it back and offer a complete refund. We provide next-day delivery to offices, stores, and restaurants throughout the New York Metro area.

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