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No Yes 3111-44600-001ld SIP application executable for VVX 600 business media phones.No Yes 3111-48600-001SIP application executable for VVX 601 business media phones. 1 RELEASE NOTES UC Software 5.7.4 | March 2019 | 3725-42646-017B Polycom® UC Software 5.7.4 Applies to Polycom® VVX® Business Media Phones and Polycom® Sound Structure® Vo IP Interface Phones Contents What’s New . The split software package is smaller, downloads more quickly, and contains files for each phone model, enabling you to choose provisioning software for your phone model and maintain software versions for each model in the same root directory. The combined version contains all files for all phone models.No Yes 3111-46157-002ld SIP application executable for VVX 400 business media phones.No Yes 3111-48400-001ld SIP application executable for VVX 401 business media phones.To match the correct UC software resource file to your phone model, refer to Understand the Combined and Split ZIP Files.If you are provisioning your phones centrally using configuration files, download the corresponding resource file and extract the configuration files to the provisioning server, maintaining the folder hierarchy in the ZIP file.

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No Yes 3111-48300-001ld SIP application executable for VVX 301 business media phones. Release Notes UC Software 5.7.4 3 Installation Consider the following information when installing or updating to Polycom UC Software 5.7.4. No Security Updates Refer to the Polycom Security Center for information about known and resolved security vulnerabilities. For more information on using configuration parameters to enable or disable features, see the latest Polycom UC Software Administrator Guide for your release, available at Latest Polycom UC Software Release. Configuration File Enhancements The following table lists configuration file enhancements that include new or changed parameters for the Polycom UC Software 5.7.4 release.

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