Rihanna dating chris brown look like

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She’s been with her boyfriend for years, and every year it gets worse. I think mainly because her boyfriends’ abuse is not physical. And with mental abuse there are no scars, no physical evidence. My friend, herself, won’t even recognize he is abusive. Any guy that makes you feel like you are less of a person with out him, continually chips away at your self-esteem and makes you walk on egg shells in your own home, is someone that is abusing his relationship.She makes excuses, and he promises to try harder, but every year I watch this woman lose more and more of herself. How can you prove to the authorities he’s abusive when you don’t have any tangible evidence? Why women put up with this behavior, I’m not quite sure.

One that shows women that they can and must be strong enough to walk away from a bad relationship.Today, a picture of a battered and bruised Rihanna, hit the media circuit causing more shock to fans everywhere.We can’t be sure yet that the picture is in fact, the 20 year-old singer, but it has been confirmed that Chris Brown did in fact physically abuse her.The two were even seen getting close and personal at her birthday party. magazine, “He’s the first guy she’s actually gotten to know before diving in head first.She’s been telling people she’s never experienced anything like this in her life and that she trusts him like her best friend.” The Formula 1 star has been linked with Ri Ri ever since they were spotted flirting at the 2015 Crop Over Festival in Barbados.

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