Robert buckley one tree hill dating

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She has kept her private life hidden from the media.

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She was also nominated as one of the 100 sexiest women in the year 2010.The film is the last to highlight the late performer Brittany Murphy, who depicts Van Santen's sister-in-law Susan.In the mid half of the year 2012, Van Santen finished her shooting for the movie Golden Christmas 3.Then he spritzed Michele's locks with a heat-defense spray before curling 3-inch sections with a double-barrel curling iron to make waves. Spritzing hair with hairspray while Michele's head was upside-down to boost body. "Right before she left her house, I gave Lea a mini Dove Hairspray to carry in her purse I told her to spary the sides of her hair just before she got out of the car for an added bit of staying power," Townsend tells Us.For more inside scoop on Mark Townsend's celeb red carpet styles, visit his awesome new blog on!

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