Sccm dynamic collection not updating updating windows xp service pack 1

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Like I said, this is usually a collection along the lines of All Laptop or All Windows 7 & 10 and so on.

My current query lists a grand total of 4 objects in my collection.

With this said, we need to approve clients once they show up in the SCCM console. How did you go ahead and populate your collections? Since the introduction of SCCM 2012, we now have a multitude of options, most notably: Chances are, if you are deploying a new software to be part of a baseline for workstations (for example), you will also add it to your task sequence.In my passed life, I must admit, I really did like queries.Now, with SCCM 2012 we could create a deployment collection and simply include one of the operation collections and voilà. What I mean by that is if your collection targets 500 workstations, you will always target 500 workstations minus or more the workstations that get added as the query gets updated. We would typically create a collection with a query along the lines of Select all objects where the operating system is like “workstation”. When we create the collection/deployment we will be targeting all workstations.I personally like when things are a little more dynamic. As the workstations install the software and return a success code to their management point, this query will rerun itself and should yield less and less objects. But to be optimal, you need to use Package deployments and not applications. Simply because packages have the ability to have a custom schedule where you can repeat a schedule and set a rerun behavior whereas the Applications don’t have that possibility.

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