Sedating triple warmer

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So those are the way you can Boost your Immunity with Acupressure Points! Subtle Energy, thousand or more years ago, traveled anywhere in and around our body and was directed by our thoughts and our allow my Higher Self to slip through the space between my egoic responses and illuminate the situation with the Truth of the Spirit. More often, I need to take my mind off the situation, release attachment to outcome and allow insight to incubate.Movement, sleep, meditation and prayer can all help me to connect to my intuition.

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This is due to the fact it kicks your body into high gear survival mode to help keep you healthy. See the illustration out of Donna Eden’s For details on how to do this, or to learn more about using acupressure points.

There are fourteen known organ specific paths of energy in our bodies today called Meridians but there is also energy that flows without paths called Strange Flows.

Strange Flow is subtle energy and is still directed by our thoughts but is more diffused energy than energy specific roadways or Meridians.

This requires mindfulness, the ability to connect with our intuition ... I'm cultivating the ability to suspend the temptation to tell myself stories of stress and impending catastrophe.

Of course, I can still be triggered into a response, so I've also been learning energy medicine techniques to help me calm, center and reset my system when this happens.

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