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Once the idea catches on though, there should be improvements.

I like digg, but a lot of times when I go there ALL the first page is about the SAME thing.

The name of each input parameter specifies a data field from the IG001 table.

In addition, each input parameter name starts with "@I_v".

It runs .00 for the interactive bit but you've got to have a fleshlight already.

Now I'm not so good with the computer stuff, but maybe you understand it, you can read about the technical crap at the link at the bottom.




There's one about sports and one about cars but I don't have much interest in either of those.

There is one about video games but I also don't go to that one much.

They pretty much entertain me all day, and they're all interconnected and owned by Gawker media.

The plus side for me, along with being able to chat a little, was that she had her round ass to the camera giving me a full on presentation mode view.

Do not demean or otherwise put yourself down for this decision, but rather, accept that you made this decision with the full information, own that decision, and then you can move forward.

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