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The first is very identical to the send functionality.

When you open an existing mail, you will notice a new ribbon group, Outlook Gnu PG, with a Verify and Decrypt button.

public interface IForms Authentication public class Forms Authentication Wrapper : IForms Authentication Since I started playing World of Warcraft again, I've taken a bit more of a developer approach to it this time, and after founding a little casual guild, I decided to create a site for it.Outlook Gnu PG is free, only supported by a donate button, so it's only fair to give the used resources some credits.Silk Icon Set by Mark James Open PGP wrapper by Starksoft Clipboard Wrapper by Alessio Deiana Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment :) : Philippe Teuwen and Thierry Walrant have taken it upon themselves to improve the code I posted above and made it available on github, using GPLv3 as a license.(See Update 1 and 2 below) This will give you a prompt asking you if everything is fine. On the second tab you can select the default key you want to use to sign your mails.You will still have a choice to change your key upon sending the actual mail. At this point you can use your Outlook as before, since we haven't checked any auto-sign/encrypt functionality.

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