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Some arrests can never be removed from your records, such as sex-related offenses and driver’s license suspensions.

Now, anyone can look up public records online thanks to data aggregation websites like Truth Finder. You may not realize it, but over the course of your lifetime, you acquire a variety of different public records.So, can arrest records be removed from your record?It depends on what you were arrested for and if you were later charged with criminal conduct.For detailed information about how to find specific details on a person, check out our People Search page. While a Truth Finder membership isn’t free, you’ll get access to: An arrest is made to prevent a crime or when police suspect someone in relation to an investigation. Most courts report arrest records in a similar manner to the way they report criminal records, but it’s important not to confuse one with the other.When reading through an arrest record, be aware of the following distinctions and their meanings: Pending Case: An arrest has been made and criminal charges have been filed, but the case is still in the adjudication process and a verdict has not yet been reached Arrest/Non-Conviction: The arrested party was found not guilty or the charges were dismissed Arrest/Conviction: Criminal charges were filed, and the arrestee was prosecuted and was either found guilty or plead guilty An arrest record may contain the following information: Having an arrest on your record does not mean that you are a criminal, but it can be an annoyance for some.

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