Skits involving dating

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Players take turns alternating between the letters.

When a player gets to the letter Z, then they loop back to the letter A.

Physically grasping and moving arms, legs and hands is acceptable.

A simple tap to the back, side or front of the leg will prompt the action figure to move that leg.

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This continues until one of the parents freezes, says a response that is too advanced for a child, or cant think of anything and yells Because I said so!The parent that does any of these things is eliminated and is replaced by one of the players waiting off stage.Players form a line on stage and the host gets occupations, locations, objects, etc. Players step up one at a time and deliver one liners and punchlines about the suggestion and return to their spot in the line when they are done.The host gets one last suggestion and the rap master does a solo rap for as long as they can. The host asks the audience for two simple statements and two simple questions.Examples of sentences could be Why are we stuck here? One statement and one question are given to two players, and they can ONLY use these catch phrases during the scene.

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