Squier dating serial number

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The remaining six digits are the unit identifier, but they are not sequential and do not provide further identification information about the instrument.

The numbers for each year typically overlap, as there is always a transitional period between successive years and as necks and complete instruments that were made and serial numbered late in any given year were used on instruments assembled and sold in the early months of the subsequent year.

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\n I own two Squire CV's, a Tele 60's Limited Edition and and a Strat 50's both in Olympic White.

CGS(XXX) should be the build date but these numbers don't appear to be date relevant.

CGSXXX(XXXX) should be the sequence number and most likely is.

Serial numbers without letter prefixes have been found dating through 1996; these are six-, seven- and eight-digit serial numbers with the first numeral (or first two numerals in the eight-digit numbers) indicating year of manufacture.

A seven-digit serial number beginning with six, for example, indicates 1996; a seven-digit number beginning with seven denotes 1997; an eight-digit number beginning with 98 denotes 1998, etc.

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