Success stories of speed dating

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Hi, I just wanted to email you to thank you for not only a great night of speed dating but also for helping me find a great girl.

My 2 friends and I had never speed dated before and to be honest were a bit dubious!

Duterte of the Philippines wherein he enjoyed walking anywhere just to explore the areas in the city.

Within two months that we have been together was a great opportunity for us, because we actually conversed each other in person and not on camera wherein I have to wake up early morning or even dawn due to our time differences just for us to talk and giggles, well..

:)When I first started looking at this site and chatting and meeting woman on here I truly was not expecting to find a woman such as Rose, even though we are from two different cultures we are one of the same, it is like it was life's design that we were to meet and fall in love.

I have to thank Rose though she is the one that found me on here, we both took a big risk because we both had had chat mates on here before but they never worked out.

We spent 33 days together this time around for the wedding.

I wanted to thank FK for the introduction to my future wife Rose, after my first trip to the Philippines in October 2013 we knew we wanted to be together.

I have never had to be so far apart from the woman I love but you Rose are a woman worth waiting for!!! Hope it will help others to inspire them in finding their one true Love.I knew after the first 3 days that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Rose and she made me so happy and so impressed that I knew I could not give her up!!I also brought my son with me during the trip and he also loved her!!We spent the first 3 days of my trip in Manila, then traveled to Cagayan De oro City and stayed there for the rest of the time.We also went to her home town Initao to meet with her family and friends.

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