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He launched his own record label, Grand Hustle records in 2003 and serves as the CEO currently.

TI got married to Tameka “Tiny” Harris, the former Xscape member, on the 30 of July 2010 in a secret ceremony in Miami Beach.

He rose to prominence in the early 2000’s after his debut album, released.

As a recording artist, he has nine full-length albums, five extended plays, twelve mixtapes and over a hundred singles to his name certified by the RIAA.

” Tiny says, “If I hire you to do a job but you come her and see my man, yeah, I’m at odds with you,” Tiny follows that up with, “I have never cheated on you, ever.” She adds, “Every time I’ve seen this person (the man she’s dating), is because you did x, y, and z to me.” Hope he’s not watching this episode!

When Tiny mentions that he was with a girl that he met because of Tiny, Tip asks, “Were you at odds with her?

Especially with him acting grown on Instagram all the time.

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Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only six years, and in 2016, Tameka filed for a divorce. In October 2015, he got signed to Warner Bros Television. When Tip mentions that it was Tiny who left and got a new house, she interrupts him and says, “Because you started cheating.” Tiny explains to the camera that her husband “had some infidelities with a girl I hired, and that girl is one of the reasons why I got my own house.” That doesn’t stop Tip from talking about Tiny going out with “a dude you know I don’t like,” one that Tip says he’s “at odds with.” And Tip assumes that Tiny slept with him.This little boy has blossomed into a young man over night, Tiny and T. have a little fire cracker on their hands with this one.As their older son together King Harris isn’t as sweet & tame as his younger brother Major.Considering children are experiencing life at a younger age now a days, I’d say if they hadn’t had the talk with King they should.

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