Tired of dating duds

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I've gotten to the make or break portion a few times and it really irks me that these guys who are overweight, select "excessive overweight" as one of their breaks. I realize that excessive overweight is different than just kinda overweight but I still think that if you're overweight at all, that should not be one of your deal breakers.

A dud is an ammunition round or explosive that fails to fire or detonate, respectively, on time or on command.

I’ve had small successes with men, where the “What are we?

” phase lasts over five months, but only once have I ever been able to tell people I met my boyfriend on a dating app.

Poorly designed devices (for example, improvised explosive devices (IEDs)), and small devices, have higher chances of being duds.

Duds are still dangerous, and can explode if handled.

Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Ok Cupid, Match… Online dating is not something that’s new; it’s the norm.

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Sometimes I’ll even think I must absolutely smell and no one, not even my best friends, can tell me how terrible it is.I often tell my friends when I’m going on a first date, and, of course, I get the question: WWhenever we go out and the bar puts on “Single Ladies,” all of the fingers are pointed at me; I might as well just have a spotlight on me at that point.After an enormous amount of time of being single, “Single Ladies” is just not my jam anymore.So, I recently joined a dating site that you actually have to pay for rather than just swiping left and right on people who are mainly just looking for sex while they're "in town" for business.Anyways, I joined this site thinking that my chances of finding someone who legitimately had the same interests relationship wise were higher and so far I've been pleased with my matches, but I have an issue with how some of these guys choose their deal breakers. First you send them 5 multiple choice questions, then you send "make or breaks", then three questions they actually type an answer to and the final step is emailing one another. So these guys can be overweight and mostly unattractive but they want a Barbie doll?

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