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Official Website - Disciples of Christ (Christian Church)] which is the more liberal branch of the Christian Church. These are some of the fastest growing churches in the United States today, with such dynamic mega churches as SOUTHEAST CHRISTIAN CHURCH in Louisville, Ky with nearly 20,000 members!

They have the same general doctrinal beliefs as Disciples of Christ and other Christian Churches, but have a dynamic 'SEEKER-FRIENDLY approach that is attracting multitudes to their churches.

We encourage you to share in the life and ministries of St. Enjoy the experiences of this church with its rich heritage, dating back to the beginning of the town of New Bremen in 1833.

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Their website is net/christ'n (unofficial) and their headquarters are in Cincinnati, OH.He convinced Thomas (his father) that infant baptism was not Christian, and in 1812 all of the Campbells were immersed by a local Baptist minister.However, even the Baptists were not Biblical enough for the Campbells...."So the Campbells left the Baptists and later joined with Barton Stone and Walter Scott and formed what they called the 'Restoration Movement', ie, they were 'restoring' the Church back to its original pattern, since..their estimation...every body else was wrong.Mead's lists the founding date of the Christian Church, also called "Disciples of Christ", as 1832.Based upon the premise of 'having no creed but the Bible', the Christian Church became 'one of the first independent denominations to be born in the United States.' (Mead, p104)In the year 1906 some broke away over the issue of musical instruments in worship services and called themselves 'CHURCHES OF CHRIST'.

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