Updating a new englander

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Click on the bar to see the images on this news and then share your impressions on the 2005 Boards!Tunes:random Bluegrass band that just set up & started playing I swear, if I didn't know any better, I'd say Virginia was a land of enchantment sometimes.I also appreciate words enough to know that their meaning shifts, and is contextual.So not only is it a waste of energy and breath to go around pointing out error in the way that most people use the words "peruse" and "notorious,", it's actually wrong to do so.

I spent the evening (as I usually do on Thursdays) at the Little Grill Collective along with my usual LGC crew- and also Natalie, a friend from undergrad who recently got an internship down here (it was so nice to have a little taste of home).

I'm amazed at how much I still have to learn about Bluegrass music, but I feel like there isn't a week that goes by where I am not educated a bit about the roots, the foundations and the traditions of a music that continues to serve locals who need a way to forget about the week's trials and tribulations.

They come 'round for a "fiddle and a dance," and they pluck their upright bass', banjos and mandolins hauntingly and in perfect syncopation.

I am always a little awestruck when I am able to sit transfixed on a Bluegrass band playing live. I've been working on my resume, and agonizing over the portfolio I haven't started, at this little tea shop called the Earth & Tea Cafe.

It's got this super warm, earthy (ha) vibe and it's filled with Indian tapestries and Chinese lanterns and old tea kettles.

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