Updating calendar

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Chapters one and two will give you a solid understanding of what the block editor is and how it works, with the rest of the book digging in deeper.Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can experience the block editor first-hand by taking Gutenberg for a test drive.Simply remove it and place Outlook back in Online Mode afterwards.To place Outlook in Offline Mode; To place Outlook back on-line, just click the same option/button again. When I open the calendar app at the bottom in red it shows today, & inbox.To the immediate left of the word "Calendars" at the bottom is an exclamation mark in a circle, when I tap calendars at the bottom to view my list of calendars "Unable to update calendars" is shown.i have never had issues with calendars, I have turned i Cloud on/off and the phone on/off but no luck.When all you did was adding or deleting attendees, then pressing the Send Update button will prompt you to select if you want to send it to everyone or just the added or deleted attendees.

TL; DR: You can keep using the classic editor OR use the “Activate Block Editor for Events” setting (Events → Settings → General) to open up the new wide world of Event blocks and Tickets blocks for your calendar.You can (and should) test it to your heart’s content before rolling it out to a live site.And of course, just in case something unexpected does happen, backups are your best friend.The shared calendars (rooms…) are not updating anymore. We tried different zarafa clients from 7.1.9 to 7.2.6. The calendar is one of the best ways to drive attendance to your event and let others in the community know about your events for potential coverage and/or additional promotion.

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