Updating intellisense hangs 2016

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Paul te Braak published an introduction to DAX Studio on his blog.

You can watch a video about profiling a query with DAX Studio by Marco Russo, who also wrote about new tracing features in version 2.1.

I don't know what build RDS is on, but you should always strive to have SSMS Problem could also be the encryption key...

If you are using IAM for security and have correctly configured your security groups, each user will have an encryption key 'certificate' that needs to be downloaded to the connecting client!

I found that my Peacock extension was putting 48 files in the package. First, I added some file to the # Files I excluded ISSUE_PULL_REQUEST_node_modules/**/test/** # After webpack, we have more to ignore node_modules out/ src/ webpack.This is a great question, and one we should definitely ask.

I mean, after all, to make any code change there has to be some value.

New support to tracing for Power Pivot, basic implementation of Intelli Sense, connect to Multidimensional SSAS Servers, support for multiple Power BI Desktop instances, highlight unnatural hierarchies.Darren Gosbell wrote about the new features in DAX Studio 2.2.New query profiling, integration with DAX Formatter, metadata search, connection to Power BI Desktop, and analysis of MDX queries to Tabular.Had something similar beat me up for the better part of a few hours when setting up our SQL Server RDS instance... VS Code users (and there are a lot of us) just love our extensions.

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