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They keys are easy to press but are close enough to cause still more errors.

It would have been much better had Sony Ericsson spent more time on the keypad layout.

Sony Ericsson is known for great displays and serious cameras, and the K850i is no exception.

Sporting a 5MP camera, complete with LED photo light, flash, video recording, and a host of photo-editing features, you are guaranteed a quality picture!

It's been a year since Nokia N95 was introduced, which indisputably outruns K850 in non-cam features.

Other tempting 5 megapixel mobiles as LG KU990, Samsung G600, Samsung F700, and Nokia N95 8GB will soon be crowding the cameraphone market.

In minutes, we whipped up a 45-second, 1.7 MB video slideshow that looked surprisin...

Super accessible micro SD slot can hold up to 4GBs (perfect for those Cloverfield moments)TIRED No optical zoom. More Pro: Battery life, coverage, 3g Network, great camera, dialup modem compatible with computer via bluetooth or usb, reliable for 1 year Con: Bugs with phone, ear phone volume, kinda bulky Using experience: 1 years This phone is great altogether, the price has dropped alot since i bought it a year and 2 months ago.I have not dropped it more than once or twice, and it still is holding together.I did manage to crack the housing near the camera on the phone but was able to buy a new one off ebay, camera takes amazing pictures, the battery life is good.Less I had ordered this phone from my service provider yesterday and got it in no time flat first thing today! After doing much research and reading plenty of reviews on this phone, I was shocked to have received this piece of junk! If these problems happened within the first 30 mins of owning this garbage then what other defects are there to this phone?Those who read this and see a lot of great and fantastic reviews on the Sony Ericsson K850i don't be suckered into it!

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