Updating ranch home

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Many ranches have a connecting patio in their backyard, effectively expanding their living space. If the ranch is a little more custom, your backyard might even be able to boast a pool.

It’s really the perfect backyard for it because the long house will protect your pool and adjacent patio from view of the street. Not only will your ranch probably have a patio and possibly a pool, many ranches have multiple back doors that all lead to the same place.

Since all that floor space is all on one level, you obviously need the land to accommodate.

While there are a few examples of a two story ranch house, almost all of them are a single story.

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Paired with wood, it makes a nice contrast with the duel tones and it will stay in style for a long long time.Since the original ranches were modeled after Spanish styled houses, the ranches of the west will probably be covered in stucco.Being a natural material, it shouldn’t be expensive to maintain and it will give the exterior of your home a calm look.It’s lucky for you that ranches enjoy the luxury of attached everything. Some of the older ones are front facing garages but in more recent years, any newer ones hide it well by facing the garage to the side or even the backyard.To accompany your attached garages, it’s likely that you’ll find a large drive as well.

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