Updating traditional dining room furniture

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Hardware is seriously like jewelry for your furniture. When we renovated our kitchen four years ago, we insisted on saving the original, built-in china cabinet because we’re doing the best we can to maintain the vintage charm of the home.

So we kept the walnut-colored finish and just updated the hardware to match that of our new cabinets. Now we have the original piece with a slightly updated look.

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Miraculously, we figured out how it went together and hung it up successfully. I went on to other decorating projects, as I still did not have a clear sense of how I wanted the room to look.

We purchased two oversize sepia photographs by the photographer Michael Kahn, which depicted details of sculptures outside the Uffizi palace in Florence.

The subject matter kept the Italian theme alive, but the sepia coloration just meant more boring beige in the room.

I used the same method to add gorgeous wrapping paper to the drawer on my grandma’s old side table.

Just look at how amazing some fabric looks against a wood finish!

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