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It's the upgrade the T2 should have been but wasn't. Both are compact, metal-shelled devices designed for easy information look-up, but slide open to reveal a text-entry area.Alas, even closed, T family members aren't much shorter than the older m500 and V series devices, but they do feel more compact than their Pocket PC rivals.Sitting it alongside an E, I hadn't realised how off-white the older displays were. Like the T3, the T5 has a virtual Graffiti text-entry area, popping up from the bottom of the screen whenever you need it - or whenever you run an app that thinks it's working with a 320 x 320 screen.

The virtual Home button is redundant now, Palm One having set one of the four hard-wired application buttons alongside the navigation control to work the same way.Reg Review Palm's innovative enterprise-oriented Tungsten T PDA had a good screen, but at a resolution of 320 x 320, it look rather small compared with Pocket PC devices' larger displays.While last summer's T2 replaced the original display with a much superior transflective LCD, the size remained the same.Palm One was pitching the device at executives and, it reckoned, executives spend more time looking at their information than typing it in.The slider allowed the T to become a compact data display device without sacrificing the ability to enter new information.

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