Updating your wardrobe

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_”Madewell”: 5_ Striped Pencil Skirt Your school days are long behind you, but you’re never too old for a bit of preppy style.Recreate the boarding school look with a prim button down and a blazer, or make this skirt weekend-chic by wearing it with a chambray shirt and loads of chunky jewelry. cid=50356&pid=421587, .50_ Leopard Flats In my book, leopard print is a neutral._”Zara”: CARDIGAN WITH ZIP , 9_ Heeled Ankle Boots These boots will work with almost any outfit you already own, plus the chunky mid-height heel will guarantee that they’re comfortable enough to wear all day without killing your feet! origin=category&contextualcategoryid=0&fashion Color=Black Suede&resultback=680, 9.95_ Oversized Sweater Fall calls for comfort, and this sweater makes me want to cozy up to a fire with a good book.This slouchy sweater will be your weekend staple because it’s comfortable without looking sloppy. Pair this sweater with a tailored pair of pants or a pencil skirt.While it’s still warm, wear it with bare legs to show off your summer tan, then add tights as temps cool and keep wearing this dress all through the winter. product Id=13010157&cp=12243590.12266330.12724022&ab, 8.50_ Maxi Skirt I’m going to tell you a secret: wearing a maxi skirt is basically the grown-up equivalent of wearing your pajamas in public. Pair this skirt with a tank top and a belt for the last days of summer, and take it through winter by layering it up with your favorite sweaters for an easy outfit that’s perfect for weekend errands. The holiday season, especially with sales and promotions such as Black Friday and the Boxing Day sales, is one of the busiest shopping periods of the year and although that may be all well and good – especially for gift-giving and saving money on essentials – it’s a time when we often tend to forget other alternatives like making things…While most of us can’t afford to start over every year, these 10 key wardrobe additions will help to bring your current closet into the new season. Buy cords in a skinny silhouette so you can tuck them into your favorite boots as the temperature drops.

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The white of the eye is a lot less patchy as I took more time to make my satin stitch as smooth as I could.The inspiration behind my first project came mainly from the wonderfully woven artwork I’ve been following along on Instagram lately.Embroidery may be a trend which flows in-and-out of the fashion cycle every other season but it’s actually a craft which originates from even as early as 300 AD (according to Stitches in Time)._”Madewell”: 5_ Neutral Shirtdress There’s something so incredibly sexy and slightly androgynous about a woman wearing a shirtdress.Invest in this dress and make it a building block of your fall wardrobe.

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