Virgo dating a scorpio

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If arguing, the Virgo won’t mind giving in because he or she is more adaptable and hates conflict.

Furthermore, Scorpios are too stubborn and usually want to discuss things all the time because this makes them feel in control.

Both them and Virgos need to feel emotionally secure and demand loyalty from their friends.

While the Virgo thinks in a simplistic way and doesn’t mind to sometimes look at things only on their surface, the Scorpio is more focused on deeper layers and meanings.

Scorpios are Water, whereas the Virgo is Earth, which means the first is very profound, just like the ocean, but not without turbulence.

When these two are getting together, many interesting things can happen because the Virgo can immediately identify what makes a Scorpio happy or sad.However, he or she can learn it’s not a good idea to criticize a Scorpio as he or she can be ruthless when getting his or her revenge.These signs are only one position apart from each other in the zodiac.The Scorpio appreciates how the Virgo is practical, while the latter loves how protected he or she feels around their friend.The Virgo is mutable, the Scorpio fixed, which means that when having a common goal, these two can’t be stopped from achieving it.

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