Vitiligo dating

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Khona was preparing for a similar couples meet in the capital on Sunday.

Confidence is key “We have just lost some skin colour,” chuckles Prakash Goudar.

As part of the reaching out, Nahar even formed an online forum to serve as a support group for people with vitiligo.

“There is a change for people like us in Bengaluru in recent times.It took a while, but Nahar slowly found himself living a normal life.“I started going out, hanging out with friends and became a much more balanced person.June 25 is observed as World Vitiligo Day, as part of a worldwide initiative to build global awareness about vitiligo.The idea of a World Vitiligo Day was first nursed by Steve Haragadon, the founder of the Vitiligo Friends network, and then developed and finalized by Ogo Maduewesi, a Nigerian vitiligo patient. In 2011, Rakesh Nahar’s vitiligo was already getting worse.

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