Warning signs dating men

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One of the fastest ways to lure a victim, is to get them to trust you. And Forced Teaming is a way of establishing trust pre maturely, because it quickly enforces a feeling of ‘we’re in this predicament together’.

For example: Two people miss the last train or bus for the evening.

Far from being a coincidence, forced teaming is one of the most covert forms of manipulation.

When forced teaming is used, one stranger might ask “How are we going to get home?” The emphasis here is on the use of the word ‘we’.Most women are too polite to say “Um, what do you mean ‘we’, I don’t give a damn how you’re getting home,” and predators understand the social norms that keep us from being rude.It’s easier to let down our defences and turn off our intuition when we think someone is charming.Which is exactly why he uses it, the intention is to disarm you.

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