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Now that you have data to look at, let's get back to your main question, and let's give it a proper answer: Well, the answer is: "Unfortunately, no." You might have heard or have been told this kind of undocumented, well-known truth around Word Press plugins.

I provided you with data to give you a raw idea of how frequently plugin updates are released.

Here's what we get: With the data we have, it seems that the most popular Word Press plugins have a less than 6-month update cycle.

Close to that, we see plugins being updated less than 1 month ago.

For the sake for this discussion, let's agree that plugins which have been updated more than a year ago and less than a week ago have either reasons hard to identify or have to do with incidental facts (like the time and day I checked the plugin repo).

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It's very likely that for premium Word Press plugins, as they're paid products, their developers have a shorter releases cycle.

Update January 21, 2019: We’re happy to announce we feel it’s safe to update to Word Press 5.0 now! There are several decisions you should make If you have a holiday coming up, or if this is a busy time in your company’s or site’s yearly calendar: postpone updating.

Everything in this release will still be there in January.

In fact, as multiple patch releases are being planned already, it’s probably going to be more stable in January. Gutenberg changes the way the editor works in Word Press, read this post if you don’t know what it is. But not all plugins are ready, and it’s important to know if the plugins you are using are ready before you hit update. If you run other plugins that integrate with the editing experience, make sure to check (either by testing or checking the plugins documentation) that they’re ready for, or at least “work with” Gutenberg.

If they don’t, install and activate the Classic editor plugin before updating.

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