What episode of glee do finn and rachel start dating

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The worst thing William Schuester did, however, was creating an all-male acapella R&B cover band comprised only of awkward high school teachers called "Acafellas," who performed "I Wanna Sex You Up" for Josh Groban.Josh, by the way, only attended to file a restraining order against one of the "Acafellas," although I wouldn't blame him if he extended it to all of its members.Mercedes gets suspended for sticking tater tots in the tailpipe of Sue's car, which begs the question of where she got tater tots and what car still has a tailpipe. Sam Evans tries to win back Quinn's affections by becoming a Justin Bieber cover artist, but it's actually even worse than that because he deems himself a one-man tribute band and gives himself the name "The Justin Bieber Experience." The ridiculous thing here, though, is that this plan actually works.It works so well that not only does Sam win back his girlfriend, she finds himself a hotter girlfriend.

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Pillsbury's wedding wearing an exact replica of her wedding dress.Mercedes already freaked out when Kurt wasn't in love with her, and then she freaked out again because he wasn't paying attention to her because he was happily dating Blaine.Her inability to realize that Kurt is, in fact, very gay leads to her taking out her anger on a tater tots ban in the cafeteria (and in the process revealing that she doesn't know what broccoli is). Are there not better places we could have taken this character?, starring Blaine and Rachel, a plot point that probably should have come up more often considering musical theatre rehearsals take forever and consume your life.Artie tells Blaine and Rachel that they need to lose their virginities before the show opens in a week in order to act better.

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