Who is dating joaquin phoenix

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The actress’s Somalia movie “A House in the Sky,” the story about Amanda Lindhout’s 15-month imprisonment, is in pre-production.Phoenix, on the other hand, is busy working on “Far Bright Star” and is set to play Arthur Fleck in the new Warner Bros.They went public on the May 2017 red carpet for the film at Cannes.

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The “Joker” star confirmed in an interview with The New York Times that he and the “Social Network” actress were living together in the Hollywood Hills.“Joker” movie which is set to hit the big screen in October., the two stars are engaged after dating for the past three years.On a now-infamous 2009 appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman,” he did little more than mutter and nod out, leading Letterman to compare him to the Unabomber.When he returned to the show the following year, Phoenix explained it was all a hoax, a way of disassembling his own fame.

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